Christening gifts: A companion for a new life part

In many families, the baptism of their own child continues to also be the first month of life to it. They heralds a completely new stage of life, your child receives in the community of faith and is a festival which is celebrated by many families. Baptism of their own child will be accompanied also by all sorts of christening gifts that are given to boys or girls. Christening gifts can be quite different. Often there are toys of various kinds, which are taken as a christening at hand. Furthermore, memorabilia have proved as sets for hand and footprints.

Between classics and innovations

By us selected Christening gifts are a successful balancing act between classic and innovations. The classics include, for example, picture frames in various designs. We have a preference for unusual christening gifts that are a mix of classic and novelty. At this point you can decide, for example, a picture frame carousel. Five favorite photos you can store in this musical carousel. From the musical Carousel sound soothing sounds. The five horses rotate it in a circle. Each photo can be brought into position with a visible dimension of 5 cm.

Precious and exquisite at the same time

You will find christening in noble and exquisite designs. These are in particular the details of which enjoy great attention from us. Many of our Christening gifts are therefore also silver and show up with an exclusive charm. Even everyday objects by matching designs to christening gifts very special. Christening gifts can be ordered from us, if you need the presents shortly. The shipment usually takes us just a few days. Look forward to our Christening gifts and our gift ideas. Rely on our selection and enjoy the variety and creativity of our ideas.