Gifts for babys

Offer only baby products that are suitable

Looking for the perfect gift for your baby, it is several things to consider. On the one hand is the recommended age almost on every package or description. Moreover, things that are declared with "Warning: Not recommended for children under 3 years!" should never get into baby's hands. In addition to the risk of swallowing small parts or strangulation by rope, cable, etc., lurk many other hazards of inappropriate items with them.
Babies should be under supervision anyway, but for no mother it is possible to staring at her child 24 hours. That is why it is important to gift only baby gifts that are signed with "CE" and clearly recommend for the current age of the baby.

Matching gifts for babies by age

Mom and Dad have recieved a well-intentioned gift for their baby and are happy to welcome them. Unfortunately, the toy is suitable  only in 6 months for their baby. Well. Maybe it pleases the winzling yet, imagine many parents and delight your offspring with the new gift. This is also only very enthusiastic. But after a short time the toy lands in the corner. The failures have the baby annoyed and it has no desire to play with something that still does not work as it should. Unfortunately, the toy remains an unwelcome friend in most cases forever. Because when the time comes and the baby now would be capable of with all your senses to record this toy right, the interest is gone long time and does not usually come back.
We recommend: Offer only things that exactly correspond to the age of the baby or say the parents explicitly that this article defenitiv should not reach babys hand until fulfill a certain age.

The right gift for the Baby

Are you concerned about what the family and especially the baby is still needed. They have already been tipped off by the parents what gift would be appropriate? Perfect.
If you still do not know what you want to give, we invite you to browse through our product range. We carry a selected range of beautiful and unusual gifts for babies as wooden toys, beautifully packaged clothing sets made of 100% finest cotton, silver plated baby picture frames and much more. Have fun shopping the nicest gifts for babys.