Real horseshoes from horse as a lucky charm

Offer a portion of happiness with our happiness horseshoes. The genuine horseshoes are roughly cleaned (to preserve the naturalness of the horseshoe) and, if desired, are engraved or covered with your desired color. All horseshoes are delivered in a beautiful gift box. The

Horseshoe with engraving - real lucky horseshoe

 is a wonderful example of a special wedding gift.
They not only give the bridal couple happiness for their lives but also something personal, which is given the name of the bride and groom. Here you also have the possibility to have the box engraved or the horseshoe. With gold. This unique gift will be an exclusive personal gift that will always remain as a memory and will surely not be dusty in the closet.

Personalized horseshoes for special occasions

Are you looking for a special gift for a very special occasion, such as the birth or baptism of a baby, a wedding, or just as a gift for a special person? What do you think of our lucky horseshoes? For different occasions, we have genuine horseshoes, which are engraved and delivered in a high-quality gift box. Shop personalized horseshoes at the Aleksessio Shop and save up to 75 Euros with an order. Delivery takes place within 2 - 5 days. You can look forward to a high quality workmanship and quality of the products. If you are not satisfied, our customer service will help you. You can reach us daily 24 hours by e-mail or by phone from 10 am to 4 pm, Mon.
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