Birth and Christening

Persoanlised gifts for birth

When a baby is born, it is an exciting time for the whole family and the family. From the warm welcome of the new earthly citizen to his baptism and the first birthday, the first year that goes together with a baby is probably the most tense at all. Especially for such special occasions an individual gift with a personal message is a beautiful gift idea. As a birth gift, personalized gifts are therefore outstanding. Our selected birth gifts are provided with names or individual text. Due to the high quality of the personalized items, our gifts give you a long lasting message, which will accompany the earth child on his life. A popular birth gift is the exclusive birth lamp "Light of Life".

Christening gifts with individual engraving

The baptism of a baby is usually celebrated extensively. A baptismal celebration is a joyous occasion for which a gift must not be missing. But what to give a baby to baptism? Especially those who do not have children yet find it difficult to find a suitable baptism present. The fact is that a clumsy christening gift will never be used and dusted somewhere or simply faded. A boring gift anyone can. The art is to find the "fitting gift".
How about a personal and thus unique baptism gift with your wish engraving? In our "real shooting star" you have the possibility to specify an eternal text on the certificate of authenticity of the shooting star. The shooting star is also a great gift idea for the baby's godfather.