Valentin´s Day

What's behind the "Valentine's Day"?

Meanwhile the Valentine's Day is celebrated by more and more couples. The fewest know why Valentine's Day is the Day of the Lovers on 14 February:

The "Saint Valentine" who lived in the 3rd century & nbsp; after Christ, married couples according to Christian tradition. This was forbidden at that time by the Emperor's Emperor. During this time, couples were not allowed to marry religious, because "Christianity" was forbidden as a religion.
The "holy valentine" l? But he did not disregard this prohibition and continued to keep his religion out. As a punishment, he was executed in Rome on February 14, 269.
Approx. Valentin was canonized a hundred years later. Once again 100 years later in the year 496 BC declared Pope Gelasius the "Valentine's Day" on 14th February.

Lovers and couples spend that day Small gifts such as flowers, chocolates or other little things, which should underline your relationship to each other.

Personalized valentine gifts with name

Besides flowers and chocolates, personalized items are a popular gift idea for Valentine's Day. We have lovely gift items for Valentines Day, which bring a lot of pleasure. The "towel with names" is both for you "As well as" Him "a nice idea, which will always be in use and is available in many different colors.